Project team combines currently the following experts:

Indrek Ibrus, BFM, professor of media innovation, project PI
Maximilian Schich, BFM, ERA Chair holder, professor of cultural data analytics, head of CUDAN Open Lab
Ulrike Rohn, BFM, professor of media management and economics, co-head of MEDIT
Alex Norta, TalTech, head of the Blockchain Technology Group
Andres K├Ánno, BFM, lecturer and research fellow
Christian Ritter, BFM, research fellow
Vejune Zemaityte, BFM, senior research fellow at CUDAN Open Lab
Andres Karjus, Institute of Humanities, senior research fellow at CUDAN Open Lab
Hanna Jemmer, BFM, junior research fellow
Katrin Iisma, project assistant